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Hi and welcome on my website.

Here you can learn more about me.

Alex Von Alten

Like my parents I was born and raised in Namibia on a small farm (4000ha). My first few school years I spent in a boarding school, because the farm was about 100km away from the nearest school. Unfortunately we had to sell this farm but we were able to lease a farm close to Windhoek, the Namibian Capital. For us children, my younger brother, my older sister and me this was perfect. We were able to drive from the farm to school every morning. Due to various reasons we had to give up this farm, shortly after I finished school, as well. We moved to Windhoek.

Right after I obtained my school degree, worked for few months at Zug, a ski resort in Austria. During this time though, I had nothing other in mind than the vast untouched nature and its animals, in my home country Namibia. Back at home in Windhoek I did not feel comfortable. I missed the nature and its animals. I enrolled in a tour guide training school and worked as an assistant tour guide at a travel agency.

I could not work as an independent tour guide because I had not reached the required age of 21 to obtain the public drivers permit. Hence I only guided a few tours into the neighbouring country Botswana. It was great. Everything I knew about the plants, the animals and the people here I was able to pass on to interested and enthusiastic guests. I was in my element. Unfortunately I was not able to cover my study costs and living expenses with the salary of an assistant tour guide.

I therefore applied for the position as an assistant manager at a cleaning company in Windhoek. I promptly got the job and quickly got promoted from assistant to manager. Either I took care of the paperwork, or I worked with my staff behind a broom or on the cleaning machine.


Meanwhile I studied Business Administration for four semesters, but after four years, it drew me back into nature.

    I fulfilled myself a childhood dream, which was easily combined with my longing for the vast nature. I became a truck driver. I could have guessed, that this profession is a quite lonely one and isn't as good as I thought it would be. At that time, my father decided, after being a Farmer all his life, to become a tour guide. I had a great deal of the required tour guide training behind me and what Dady can do, I can do better. Together we started our new profession. Since 2010 till now I can call myself a passionate tour guide.

I have definitely found my calling. It's great to inform and fascinate you, as guests from all over the world, about southern Africa. 2012, I was nominated by a major travel company in Berlin as one of their best tour guides. To see the magnificent nature with all its components and to understand it and to pass this enthusiasm on to you has become my dream job.

The guide-existence can easily be combined with one hobby of mine: photography. Here you can scroll through a few of my Photographs. And I would like to present to you a few of my favourite sites of attraction, exciting activities and amazing accommodations.

Have fun, kind regards Alex

alex von alten alex von alten alex von alten