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Naukluft Mountains


It is the mountain range that forms the eastern edge of the Namib desert in southern Namibia. The highest peaks are about 2,000 meters high. This mountain range with its high peaks and deep gorges is not only a paradise for hikers and photographers, but also for many animals. In these gorges, throughout the year water streams are flowing into crystal clear pools. These use the desert animals as the only source of water within hundreds of miles. The name Naukluft comes from one of these narrow gorges. This mountain range does not only provide many animals with water, but it is also one of the reasons the Namib desert exists. In Namibia, Rain clouds mostly come from the Northeast. So they rain off on the east side of the mountain, where the average annual precipitation is about 350 mm. On the west side, the side of the Namib Desert, the annual precipitation is only around 100 mm a year.

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My Recommendation regarding accommodation near the Naukluft Mountains:
Solitaire Guest Farm
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Photos taken by me at the Naukluft Mountains:

Naukluft-Gebirge    Naukluft-Gebirge

alex von alten alex von alten alex von alten