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Founded in 1892 by the Reichs Commissioner and Commander of the German Schutztruppe, Captain Curt von François, to procure supplies by sea for the inland. It has remained a nice German town in the midst of Namibia. Nothing is missing. Whether you look at the old German architecture, take a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, explore the adjacent dunes, do a catamaran cruise with seals, dolphins and pelicans, or just go shopping and having a German wheat beer, anything is possible. Whether vegetarian, a meat or fish gourmet, everyone gets their money's worth at one of the many good restaurants.

My recommendation regarding restaurants and cafes:
Erich's Restaurant
The Tug Restaurant
Kückies Pub und Restaurant
The Lighthouse Restaurant
Swakopmunder Brauhaus Restaurant
Bojo's Café
Village Café

More information can be found here:

Von Alten

My recommendation regarding activities close to Swakopmund:
Quad bike tours
Desert Tour
Dune boarding
Flight over the desert

Catamaran cruise

My recommendation regarding accommodation in Swakopmund:
Sea Breeze Guesthouse

Von Alten

Photos taken by me at Swakopmund:

Swakopmund, Agame    Swakopmund, White Lady

Swakopmund, Jetty    Swakopmund, Schlange

alex von alten alex von alten alex von alten